A structured, child-led conversation intended to elicit detailed information about a possible traumatic event(s) witnessed or experienced by a child.

The purpose is:

  • To assess the safety of the child’s living arrangements.

  • To assess the need for medical treatment and/or psychological care.

  • To obtain information that either corroborates or refutes allegations/suspicions of abuse/neglect.

  • To obtain information from the child that may aid a criminal investigation.


Kindred Kids CAC is dedicated to serving our families from start to finish. We will walk along side you through the initial interview/exam process. If an investigation is warranted, we will continue the journey with you by attending court proceedings, and keeping you updated on a regular basis. Giving our families one point of contact.


​It may be recommended that your child be scheduled for a forensic medical exam (commonly called a "SANE" exam). This is performed by a trained forensic nurse examiner from St. Thomas More Hospital, and is performed at the Kindred Kids CAC. This eliminates the need to go to multiple locations for evidence collection.


We at Kindred Kids CAC are passionate about educating our community about the epidemic of child sexual/physical abuse. If your organization, church, or school would like us to offer a presentation on our services, child sexual abuse and/or the investigation process, please contact us for more details. Services at the CAC are at no charge to our families and community.



Kindred Kids CAC has partnered with community mental health resources in an effort to provide our children and families with counseling and therapy services that specialize in child sexual abuse. Finding the right services will aid in recovery and healing for the entire family.


Kindred Kids CAC believes in a Multi-Disciplinary response to childhood sexual or physical abuse.  A Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) has been formed which includes law enforcement, Department of Human Services, St. Thomas More Hospital, Mental Health Professionals and the District Attorney’s office for the 11th Judicial District.  This MDT is dedicated to working together to provide each family the support and services needed to heal from their trauma.

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