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Kindred Kids Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is a community-based, child-friendly, and trauma-informed organization that coordinates a multidisciplinary response to child abuse and neglect allegations. Child Advocacy Center’s deliver a best practice model that bring together, in one location, law enforcement investigators, child protection caseworkers, forensic interviewers, prosecutors, family advocates, and medical and mental health professionals to provide a coordinated, comprehensive response to children and their caregivers. Kindred Kids CAC provides a safe, neutral environment for children and their families where the child’s well-being is a priority.

At Kindred Kids Child Advocacy Center, children are able to speak to a trained forensic interviewer who understands child development, is non-bias, and knowledgeable in addressing secondary trauma and other best practices for interviewing children. The goals of conducting a forensic interview are to engage in a conversation about event(s) a child may have experienced, assess the child’s safety, assess the need for medical and/or mental health care, and minimize the number of times the child talks about the events or experiences.

Kindred Kids Child Advocacy Center's mission is to empower and strengthen victims who have experienced abuse and their non-offending family members through advocacy, education, healing, and justice. Kindred Kids CAC establishes a safe, child-focused environment for forensic interviews, medical evaluations, and continued support through advocacy.

Kindred Kids Child Advocacy Center is nationally accredited through the National Children's Alliance. 

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